Welcome to the hood!

In a world where gangsters roam freely and business is good, you get to decide your fate. Set in the exotic city of Gangster’s Paradise, who knows what is bound to happen… Seven gangs have formed based on their unique styles to achieve fortune beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Peace is always an option, but that depends on the gangs.

Your opportunities are plenty to prosper! Protecting the helpless, smuggling contraband, owning pubs at the hottest locations; you’re only limit will be yourself. And maybe some the other gangs!

All that’s left now is for you to decide: do you want to be a gangster, join a faction, and build an empire others would envy? Who knows the heights you will reach and the friends you will make along the way…

Join the community:

We are inclusive in everything that we do (even designing our art). Come and join us to get exclusive access to a world unlike any you have ever seen.

Meet the gangs:

Explore the ever-expanding gangster network. Gangsters from all over the world meet and mingle. You never know who might show face.

Buckle up:

We are thrilled to share our plan with our people. Check our roadmap and strap yourself in, because this is going to be the ride of a lifetime.

Meet the Gangsters

All 7777 of them! We have taken special care to design the gangsters to be inclusive as we want to welcome all. Thus every gangster is an ode to individuality. They are literally one-of-a-kind and are programmatically generated from several different traits. These traits include outfits, colours, accessories, and expressions. All gangsters are awesome, but some are more desirable than others.

Each gangster will also give their owner access to the exclusive Gangsters’ Palace. This will launch after the NFT mint-date. Here the gangsters will become empowered to not simply contribute to our cause, but take ownership of their new world.

It takes two to be a gang

We have conjured up seven distinct gangs based on the personalities of the gangsters that form them. This will ensure that you get to match up with the people that would understand you best and provide the best support possible. We want everyone to have a family, because nothing beats family. Don’t worry, you can always choose to switch, but it might takes some time to form bonds again.


Meet the team

For those that read this far, we want to give you a token of our appreciation: know-your-creators (KYC). We are four friends that want to attempt something. We are bonded by a love for gangsters and an admiration for blockchain. So our main story is quite simple: make some gangsters, test our skills, and forge something very very cool.

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